How to file Cue Sheets

Public Performance

When a “Song” is broadcast in a web, television, or film “Project”, this is a public performance.
Broadcasters must pay a Perfoming Rights Organization (PRO) for this very right.
Our artists require you to submit a cue sheet to their PRO per the license agreement.
You do NOT pay anything extra for registering a “Song”.


The PRO will monitor the “Song” for the artist so they may recoup their royalties.
Without this provision, our artists would not allow their music to be licensed.
Thank you in advance for helping our songwriters.

The Basics

When the “Project” completes, prior to public broadcast, the cue sheet is submitted by the “licensee”.
The “licensee” must submit the cue sheet to each PRO with music represented in their “Project”.

  1. A sample cue sheet and template are available below.
  2. The Rapidcue 1-Sheet outlines the needed information from the “licensee” and the “Project”.
  3. Your receipt provides the PRO information for each “Song” or you can request it here.
  4. Once completed, you submit cue sheets to: and/or
  5. Per our License Agreement, send a copy to :

Click on either ASCAP or BMI to learn more from the PROs web sites directly.

Sample Cue Sheet

Sample Cue Sheet

Sample Filled Cue Sheet

.pdf                             .xls                             .xlsx

Cue Sheet Template

Blank Cue Sheet Template

Blank Cue Sheet Template

.pdf                              .xls                              .xlsx

Rapid Cue 1-Sheet

Rapid Cue 1 Sheet

Rapid Cue 1 Sheet

Cue Sheet FAQs

What is a cue sheet?

Cue sheets are the primary means by which PROs (Performing Rights Organizations) track the use of music in films and TV. Without cue sheets, it would be nearly impossible for such composers and publishers to be compensated for their work. An accurately filled out cue sheet is a log of all the music used in a production..

What is a PRO?

A PRO is an agency that ensures songwriters and publishers are paid for the use of their music by collecting royalties on behalf of the rights owner. PROs collect public performance royalties. When a song is played in public, like on any kind of radio (AM/FM, streaming, or satellite), in a venue, or TV shows and commercials, it is required that they pay for the use. The PRO collects those payments, and distributes them to the rights holders.

What do I submit cue sheets for?

If your project is going to be publicly broadcast (You Tube, the web, television, radio, theater, streaming) you need to file a cue sheet. There is no additional cost.

When do I submit a cue sheet?

Once your production has completed and prior to public broadcast, you’re required to submit a cue sheet to both the relevant PRO and EDM Music Licensing.

What information needs to be on the cue sheet?

The cue sheet should have identifying information for the “Project” (i.e. film, episode of television series, etc.) AND should list the EDM Music Licensing “Song” title,  songwriters, publishers and other details as shown on the
sample cue sheet or Rapid Cue 1 Sheet.

Where do I find the PRO information for my Song?

The PRO information for each licensed “Song” and the songwriter & publisher details, are listed on your receipt.
You may also request it by email here

Where do I file cue sheets online?

Email a completed cue sheet to the licensed song’s PRO at the address below
if ASCAP: Submit electronically to:,
if BMI: Submit electronically to:
if SESAC: Submit electronically to:
AND send a copy to:

Who is responsible for submitting the cue sheets?

The production company is responsible for submitting cue sheets.  This is usually handled by the music department, a producer, or an editor.

Do I pay anything extra for this?

No.  Broadcasters pay for annual blanket licenses with the PROs to cover PRO content broadcast throughout the year. You do not need to pay anything extra, but you do need to file cue sheets to protect our artists rights.